Badminton Overgrips X Dry


100% Sweat Absorption

Stay dry with sweaty hands

Non-woven cloth

Long fibers bonded together by mechanical treatment, highly flexible and moisture-proof

Advanced hydrophilic polyurethane resin

Special Polyurethane resin recipe that is highly hydroponic and provides a comfortable leather-like feel.

X-DRY Technology

Alien Pros X-Dry overgrips are made of highly absorbent, cushioning material that works especially well in keeping your racket/handle dry. Featuring 100% instant sweat absorption, the X-Dry overgrips are your best friend when playing in hot, humid weather, or if you are a heavy sweater. The X-Dry also material provides a smooth, comfortable leather-like feel that makes a soft, comfortable grip.

Anti-slip surface

The delicate PU surface also provides just-right amount of friction that delivers anti-slip function

Eco-friendly coating

The design was integrated into the overgrips with non-toxic, Eco-friendly coating

Degradable material

Alien Pros overgrips are made of materials that dissolves into water and degradable fiber after use

Beyond X-DRY

At Alien Pros, our mission is to not only to bring color and joy to the tennis world but also raise awareness f meaningful causes such as animal protection and space exploration, as these themes were reflected in our designs. It's also vitally important to us that our production is undertaken in a sustainable, environmental way. All of our products are made of non-toxic, Eco-friendly, recyclable material that are safe for your and our environment.



Performance with Style

  • Long-lasting comfort allows for easier racket control.

  • Superior absorption keeps your hands dry and comfortable.

  • Anti-slip is achieved from advanced micro-textured polyurethane that creates just right amount of friction.

  • Highly flexible materials allow for easy and tight wrapping.

  • Micro fiber cushion for comfortable play.

  • Durability for all day play.

  • Non-toxic material that is better for you and the world.

  • Eco-friendly material that is bio-degradable.

  • Truly versatile overgrip that can be applied on virtually any racket, handle or bar.


  • Length: 1100mm
  • Width: 27mm
  • Thickness: 0.75mm


Feel like a new racket in less than 1 minute!



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