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How Important Is Overgrip for Beginners and Child Players?

When first starting out, all we want to do is grab a racquet, tennis balls and hit the courts. Beginners and child players just entering the world of tennis don’t really know much about the tennis gear involved and that’s perfectly normal [...]

Why Use Overgrip?

You decided to start playing tennis, so you rushed to the local tennis store to get the gear. You got the tennis racquet obviously, tennis balls and perhaps a tennis bag. This has got you covered for starters, and you have everything to enjoy your first ever session on the court. Did you forget something [...]

Preventing Injuries by Using Overgrips

Tennis is one of those sports that you can play for a lifetime. Many athletes that compete or just recreationally play other sports are sooner or later faced with the difficult moment in their life. Due to their age, they need to quit playing their [...]

How To Choose Overgrip?

Imagine the world without overgrips. All those racquets slipping and flying all over the court. Tennis players wearing helmets and protective gear in case the racquet slips and hits them. Total chaos! Fortunately, we don’t have to live in that [...]

Overgrip - a Small Thing That Can Make a Huge Difference in Your Game

Do you take overgrips for granted? You shouldn’t. Many tennis players make a mistake of not changing their overgrips often enough. Some of them might not even know that there are overgrips available on the market which can be wrapped over the b [...]

Different Overgrips for Different Players

There are many types of overgrips out there on the market. They all have different characteristics, but if we’d sum them all up based on the most important features, those would be: moisture absorption, tackiness, durability and thickness. Tenn [...]

How Often Should You Change Overgrip?

There is one piece of gear that tennis players surely neglect the most - overgrips. Grips usually get replaced when racquets are brought in for service or strings replacement, and that doesn’t happen so often. Truth is that a lot of recreationa [...]

How Overgrips Can Affect Your Performance?

Tennis is undeniably fashionable sport and it’s a fact that tennis players love their gear. Be it accessories, shoes, outfits, racquets you name it - tennis players love upgrading their gear and purchasing cool items. There is one piece of gear [...]

How to Win on Clay Courts

Depending on where you live, playing on clay may be an everyday commodity or a completely exotic experience for you. If you haven’t tried playing on clay courts before, you should treat yourself and do it, as it’s truly a wonderful playin [...]

Return of Serve Strategy

Having an effective return of serve strategy can help you win a lot of matches. Usually at the club level of tennis, we see a lot of service breaks. This is mostly because recreational players do not have a consistent or fast-enough first serve that [...]

Top 10 Reasons To Play Tennis

You can play tennis for life If you’re still not sure if tennis is the right sport for you, than you should definitely consider this benefit of playing tennis: you can play it for life! That’s right, tennis is the one of the rare sports [...]

When Is a Good Time to Approach the Net?

Approaching the net is surely a dying art in today's game of tennis. This skill is almost getting extinct in the pro-level tennis world, where the game focus has shifted over the years heavily towards the baseline. Baseline style of play has been dom [...]

How To Play Safe Tennis

There is one tactical aspect that is really interesting when we compare pro and recreational level of tennis. ATP Tour pros, even though they all have magnificent tennis technique, seem to be playing a much safer game in terms of risks they take, in [...]

Top 10 Items You Need To Carry In Your Tennis Bag

No matter of the type of match you play, when it comes to tennis - preparation is everything. In the recreational world of tennis, there are all sorts of players who come to the courts carrying along different items. The profile of the players ranges [...]

Losing Against Weaker Players

This must be the most annoying thing in tennis. You know the situation, where you are facing a weaker player and you somehow manage to lose that match? The pain afterwards is just something we can’t avoid or hide, it’s just pure disbelief [...]

How To Beat Tennis Pushers

This time we are going to talk about tennis pushers. Yes, those infamous club players that everyone hates playing against. First of all, the name “pusher” is so often used in a negative context. This is because the most of players who thi [...]

How to Reduce Net Errors

You've got the control of the point and everything is going so well. The opponent places a defensive sitter, slightly to the forehand side. All that is left now is to play an aggressive approach shot down the line to end the point. Nothing can go wro [...]

Choosing the Tennis Strings

Tennis strings have a significant impact on our game. It’s interesting to note that a lot of club players of varying skill levels don’t seem to pay much attention to the strings they are using. They often just leave the string and tension [...]

Is Tennis Doing Enough to Stop the Drugs Cheats?

Top tennis players are among the fittest athletes in sport.  An average best of 3 set match can last anywhere from  an hour to 4 hours. They  get 90 seconds' rest every 2 games and two and a half minutes between sets. Being a good t [...]

The Best of London 2015 Hot Shots

The London World Tour Finals are behind us. What a glorious end to the exciting season of 2015! For those who haven’t been following, the finals are played by the top 8 ranked players at the end of each season. This is where modern tennis gladi [...]

Andy Murray is Key to Great Britain's Davis Cup Challenge

Next week Great Britain and Belgium will fight it out to be named Davis Cup Champions for 2015. Great Britain have not reached the final since 1978. The last time they won the Cup was in 1936 when Fred Perry led his team to a 3-2 victory over Austra [...]

Top 3 Tennis Gadgets

The game of tennis and gear hasn’t changed that much over the years in terms of technology integration. Sure, racquets got lighter and strings evolved, but what about something different in a major kind of way? Times are changing and in the r [...]

Tennis Giants Go Head to Head at the O2 Arena

The top 8 ranked players at the end of the ATP season have qualified for the World Tour Finals. The Finals are to be played at London's O2 Arena between November 15th and 22nd. Defending Champion Novak Djokovic has won the title for the past 3 seaso [...]

How To Be More Consistent In Tennis?

The match is tight. Each shot matters, and the match point is slowly getting in the sight. The break ball is finally here, the long awaited chance is in sight. You’re thinking: “Just one good point and I’ll get in the lead” [...]

Radwanska Defies the Odds and Fatigue at the WTA Finals

It's fair to say that no one really gave Agnieszka Radwanska any realistic chance of winning the recent WTA Tour Finals. She hadn't even qualified for the finals until the last couple of weeks. A late push for qualification saw her win the title in T [...]

Winter Tennis Tips

The winter season is coming and this unfortunately means no outdoor tennis anymore, except for those who are extremely brave or have Scandinavian genes. All tennis players who play actively have this sorrow in their eyes when outside temperatures s [...]

Sharapova Stuns the Doubters in Singapore

Sharapova Stuns the Doubters in Singapore This week the top players in the women's game have been fighting it out in the Tour Finals. This year's tournament promised to be pretty open with World number 1, Serena Williams withdrawing. The Americ [...]

Does tennis gear really matter?

Does tennis gear really matter? Gear - we all love it! For some having the latest tennis gear and gadgets brings as much excitement as the game itself. Tennis gear has ignited endless debates among players and surely been a catalizator in lot of ten [...]

One handed backhand - most common mistakes

One handed backhand is one of the most gracious shots in tennis, beautifully kept alive by Roger Federer, Stan Wawrinka and Grigor Dimitrov on the tour. This shot is considered classy, old-school and by some even outdated. Lots of controversy over a [...]

Is using overgrips neccessary?

Tennis is a demanding sport. Whether you are a competitive tennis player or just a ‘weekend warrior’, you already understand how difficult it can be to play your best tennis over a period of two sets or more. The game is hard on your body [...]

Make sure your opponents don’t read this...

When playing tennis, we are always striving to be in the control of the ball placement as that way we can dictate points. At least that’s what the pros do, but in reality at the recreational and club level of tennis it all comes down to praying [...]



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